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Tips To Design The Perfect Virtual Business Card

Tips To Design The Perfect Virtual Business Card

July 07, 2021

A digital name card is an exceptional tool to take your brand to new heights. It lets you portray your ideas in creative and unique ways. It also enables you to build a strong brand identity through various features.

An online business card app plays a crucial role in helping you design your new-age business card. It provides you with creative templates, visuals, as well as other options to make your digital card stand out.

Even though mobile apps help us greatly with our card design process, there are many things that we must bear in mind while designing digital cards. Do you want to create the perfect digital name card? We’re here with the best tips to help you with it!

Your logo defines you

You need to select an appropriate logo for your brand. A logo is the first thing a person notices about a brand before forming an opinion about it. Your aim should be to create a logo that is creative, as well as reflects your brand’s ideas.

A digital name card should also neatly highlight your logo. To make it more interesting, you can also create a scannable logo. This allows people to scan your logo to access more information.

The most important feature of a logo is its relevance. It has to be relevant to your brand. For instance, you are an online grocery store. Your logo should equally highlight your service as well as your brand.

A logo is what identifies you. Your priority should be to create a simple yet attractive logo using an effective online business card app.

Pick the right color and font style

Your digital name card needs to please the eye at every glance. Now, how can you make it look aesthetic? The first step is to pick the right color. Your card needs the right balance of color. It should not ooze colors, and at the same time, it also cannot be boring.

The ideal color for a business card should be a single pastel shade used minimally. You can choose both warm as well as cool colors based on your preference. However, it is important to choose a color that complements your brand.

Another vital element of your digital name card is the font you use in it. An online business card app will give you tons of fonts to choose from. However, your pick should be formal, simple, as well as minimalistic.

Minimalistic fonts like the Serif family are known to be the most popular styles for business cards. You can pick any font that goes with your card’s aesthetics as well as the color palette.

Link a video to your card

Viewers simply love video content. Statistics show that Instagram has 5 million video uploads on its platform in a single day. Most brands have also completely shifted to video marketing, given its astounding demand.

An online business card app offers you many exciting features. One of the top features is that it lets you attach videos to your card. You might think it is a crazy idea, but let us convince you otherwise.

You can attach an engaging yet informational video to your digital name card. This video could contain anything from a ‘Founder Speaks’ video to a short film or even a video carousel of your work. It lets people view much more than just your contact details.

Videos also stay in the mind of an audience for a much longer time than text. Your goal should be to create a short, crisp, creative, and super engaging video for your viewers. We’re sure that it is worth the hard work!

No one likes a cluttered card

Imagine you enter a store and see all the items out of place. Would you shop there? No, we wouldn’t either. Your digital name card is a key piece of your marketing strategy. You need to make it look attractive for people who wish to explore it further.

The key to designing a clutter-free card is to keep it simple, clean as well as organized. You need to space out the contents and keep the text to a minimum. This way, you have a clutter-free card and a happy viewer.

Another great way to declutter your digital name card is to add all the extra contact information in a hyperlink. This way, you can save space as well as prevent a chaotic look.

Customize your CTA

Let’s say you sell sneakers. Well, your digital name card needs a CTA or a call-to-action to buy the sneakers! An online business card app lets you customize links. You need to hyperlink the right text.

A CTA provides an extra oomph to your card as it urges the customer to click on it. Your CTA can be a promo code, a membership coupon, or even a ‘spin-the-wheel’ chance. Your goal is to attract a viewer, and a CTA will do just that!

Summing up

An online business card app is indeed an effective tool to design your digital business card. However, the endless template options can overwhelm you and tempt you to settle for the ordinary. ProContact is an amazing online business card app that allows you to create a stunning digital card with ease.

If you’ve followed all our tips above, we’re sure you will be able to design an innovative digital business card that will get the virtual world talking!

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